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Our fellow countrymen of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is an agricultural country. About 80% people live on Agriculture. They cultivate their land in traditional way. As a result they don't get enough crops as per their expectation. We need to import from foreign countries, not only that we imported most of thing whatever we needs but as a country we export few. 
The peoples of Bangladesh were victimized by two types of way. First one thought and implemented this is her Father `s country, she has only the rights to rule here. Second person thought and implemented this is her husband`s country, she has only the rights to rule here. But they both are unable to be realized every peoples of this country has same rights and everybody prude for those two persons Sheikh Mujibur Rahman & Ziaur Rahman. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman & Ziaur Rahman are not ony their nearest but also every persons. This concept gave us two Major Political party Awwamilig and BNP. One party formed government and another party made oppositions in our parliamentary governance.

After our independence this nations faced dictatorships’ which back by our Army. But they can long run. This is the first time in 2014 Parliament elections where Awwamilig formed government by elections without the vital opposition BNP. Nationally and internationally this elections are not well accepted but constitutionally not illegal.  BNP showed their weakness of long run thinking due to lakes of proper and experienced guardianship. For this reason still they are not made any issue which makes bound to sitting Awwamilig together and declare new elections. At the same times existing Awwamilig government shoed their immature in nature to be handle crimes, corruptions’ and culpability. That’s why ordinary citizens of country like us habituated and felt in clumsy, hopeless and insecure society. 
What`s our future! We are festering both of parties’ appearances, sometimes disappointed. Because of most people’s were living here hand to mouth.
Bangladesh is geographically situated in golden triangle of the trouble-free crime zone behind rest of the world; it’s almost surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and neighbor country India & Myanmar. Here the rate of population being increased day by day without any preparation of expected persons. Education, Health, Sanitations, reproductive health, sex education, eco-friendly planning, poverty, religious views, Computer & internet access, planning to prevented crime, unusual delay of our justices` system is not well settled. Political violence’s of our political parties has no mutual understanding basically in our country issues. For that the rate of crime converted too much brutal in nature. Most of the criminals get free from his charges for unusual delay and corruptions’, because much peoples` are unaware about our justices` system. 

Every circumstances share untold criticality, brutality and victimized human by human, in different angles, reflections of our exist societies because there is no minimum earning rights of our employment still subtlest, yet.

We called Digital Bangladesh but there is no national crime & criminal database management systems were created to acknowledge us previous case records of him/her. We are unable to make a platform to be linked crime records in technologically organized. Its matter of shame that the Law enforcement agencies representatives were also took part on crimes. If this continuously happened we were not far from upcoming danger of our society. There is no forensic inspections were happened after the places of occurrences. 

The present population of Bangladesh is more than 16 cores. Unemployment, Corruption, Politics, lakes of Legal information, proper Social Guidance, Moral & Family education, etc cussed crime. To be improved this situation we need to start awareness of legal educations, community development, information about to get assistances from Law & order. We should increase our education rate, creating a national crime database, preserved online / off line documentations of crime & criminals. Find out the reasons of crimes, why & how to do this?

The white color criminals are intentionally use children like 12 to 18 years of age. This adolescents aged were simply motivated by them with a little cost of amount. They involved them smugglings of goods, Drugs from our neighbor country India & Myanmar. Also they used to serve political violations purpose, many of them were drop out educations and family. The adolescents aged and youth aged 18-24 are consciously conducted crime, killing each other. Not only they are involved but also senior citizen of this country was doing as same or motivated them. More over 80% percent of villagers are unawares about the process & procedure & punishment of each and every criminal act.
Simultaneously the corruptions’ of our law enforcement agency like: Police, Rab, Ansar, BGB, court and etc are spared day by day. Our country has an Anti Corruption Commissions they also politicized, the public prosecutors of court, court inspector; crime investigators are also do same. Establish poor and vulnerable people specially the women, adolescent & Children in Community and their empowerment where they will be able to live in peace, justice decision making and democratic value. We are to emerge with a strong voice says there must be better lives and way of living assured for everyone. Very practically, however Bangladesh endeavors to end discrimination against women, the level of poverty and inequality in our society. There is no national security (external & internal) system raised to prevented crime. 

Half of the total population in country is female. But women are not socially well permitted to go out of the family, participate in education and economic activities. They are the victims of social diseases like divorce, abandoned, husband separation, polygamy, dowry, early marriage and torturing. Moreover being a traditional segregated society, women are of tern denied to access to many opportunities. The endemic poverty, wide spread malnutrition, illiteracy and deprivation of socio-economic rights are common in the society. In rural areas of Bangladesh, there are less health opportunities for mother and child. They are in malnutrition with night blindness and anemia. The pregnant mothers are taking less food and suffering with malnutrition, 60% of them are anemia patient. 

The newborn baby is ill health with less weight. Their growth is stunted and merits are not well due to deficiency of Iodine, Minerals and nutrition. Survey report of different National and International Agencies reveal that 70% children and 60% pregnant women are suffering from malnutrition. In consequence of its different disease like night blindness, goiter and anemia etc attack the rural poor people.

In locally most of the women were treated as a cook, free day labors and night partners of men. The rate of women education increasing day by day, the rate of maternal health issues and adolescent healthcare support, education for all is ongoing, till not properly implemented each and every union of this country. In behind the violence rate against women & children yet not been changes as we expected. 

If we SWAT out our problem we find lakes of mutual political understanding, increasing crime rate, increasing corruptions, politicized in every level by the ruling party, educational enlistments, abused of state values and wealth, dishonesty, planning of development, good governance, misuses of laws, dishonor our justice`s system to making Law, amendments of constitution, etc. According to analysis of those circumstances how could we scale up Bangladesh in middle-class income generating country! 
Who is responsible for that?

Day by day our politicians gamble with our future, also with our emotions, culture, knowledge’s and social politics. Killing in PILKHANA, Gathering of Hefazoteislam, Saver tragedy after elections of 2014, Malo para Tragedy, Jessore, seven murders in Narayanganz and one after another border killing by neighbor country. In the name of natural Justices` talking a kind of freedom from Justices under Parliament through made a law by the present parliament in 2014. Why our politicians unable to understand Judges are not under men but under GOD. 

After this Law now we tell, Judges` are under GOD, Under Parliament but not under men. Isn`t funny? Also our governments declare Judiciary is independent.

Who is suffering most? 

The Peoples` or the People’s Republic or two major political party leaders Sheikh Hasina, Begum Khaleda Zia?  Think it.

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